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Hello, I'm Shannon

I’m a green woodworker... in all that I do! From tracing where the wood has been felled and selecting seasonal materials, to the very tools I use to create my bowls.


My traditional self-built foot powered pole lathe allows me a deeper connection to the products I create. I value being a part of a large community that is open to all who are willing to learn and share knowledge. 


Turning bowls to the sound of the wind in the trees and birds chirping, rather than the whir of an electric motor allows me to immerse myself in nature. I find myself happiest when I can feel fresh twirls of wood and grass under my feet.

My Ethos

In a world dominated by globalisation, digitisation, and mass production, we believe in harnessing traditional craft techniques to create a link to our ancestors and the land that nurtured them. Supporting makers to earn a living from their craft not only preserves their skills and heritage, but also allows us as consumers to make a sustainable choice that celebrates nature.


"Thanks for a great weekend's Shannon. Your a special force of nature you know, not a lot of people can't deal with my temperament and often I drift off behind the crowd in social situations. But you managed to make me feel welcome and respected. Only a handful of people have managed to do that, you have my upmost respect. The Ambient Caveman"

Louis Dale, Yorkshire


Advocate for Acceptance and Understanding

Too often people are stigmatised today for being different. Tackling mental health issues is being recognised as an important step towards a more inclusive, healthier and better community. 

Being recently diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism and ADHD (I know, deep breaths!), I now realise I am a part of a world where neurodivergent people need support and recognition. I want to help change the narrative; to promote acceptance and understanding towards how people like me process information and be a voice for that community through my business and as a maker. 

As a maker I want to have fun, explore, learn and above all… create. It has taken me a long time to give myself permission to be creative and explore craft. I hope to inspire others to have a go and have fun while doing so. 

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